This is to the one in a million girls
I’m not a real poet, this is just me simply writing my feelings out.

I say things that don’t make sense sometimes
I draw outside the lines
The only time I get an A+ Is when a miracle happens
I Fiddle with my thumbs when I’m stressed
I look away when someones checking me out
I can be happy and sad at the same time
But I’m not always happy
Sometimes I’m really sad
Like so sad
I stray away from people
afraid they wont accept me anymore
I hide my hot mess and make jokes to forget about my loneliness
I can also be really insecure
If you tell me I’m beautiful
I will change the conversation
I will look away and forget that I’m part of the one in a million girls who are all beautiful.
and being single for me isn’t a curse but a choice
I push away any guy who i get close too
I keep my doors shut till they leave
afraid of being vulnerable and not independent
I also find it hard to get along with other girls
Because as much as I can be badass
I also hate the hate girls give each other these days
And don’t get me wrong
I can be a bitch
I just rather not
I found myself lonely a lot
maybe its because of my past
I keep holding onto
Or maybe its because I don’t look at myself in the mirror the same way I use too
I dont know
I’m still trying to figure out life
where I belong
Who I belong with
What the future holds

But this is me
being original
Myself and unafraid of it
Sharing my Deepest fears and insecurites
So you can see
Your not the only one
Your not weird
But Your like me and every other girl
Expect we have different secrets and qualities
But at the end of the day
Were all just trying not to sink but rise
So please stop comparing yourself to every other girl
You are a diamond just as much as the girl next to you is
And most importantly what I’ve learned is
don’t ever let another girl make you feel
inadequate or worthless

Embrace your different qualities
dont be ashamed
Your one in a million of girls
Your not the same
I am not the same
But one thing we all have in common is
were all beautiful stars in the universe
Trying to found our way

PS: Should I do a video for this? xxx


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