1. “You have to be strong ”
Life isn’t always easy, and not being prepared to fight whatever comes against you, causes you to fall. but thats when you have to be strong and get back up and kick arse. I’ve learnt to get back up despite how I feel because I am in control of myself. People will say stuff and help you. But only you can actually physically say, No I don’t stand for this, I am not a loser and get back up to conquer life.


2. “Life is short”
Everything we do in life is quick and we don’t know that till it goes by fast.
The job interview I was so worried about, doesn’t matter anymore
the date I was eager for, is past news and doesn’t matter now.


3. “What people say about me, Doesn’t define me.”
I use to take on every single negative thing someone said about me. Like it was true, I had no confidence in myself and who I was because I was focusing on other peoples unwanted opinions of me. Growing up over the years, I’ve realised the words other people say about me or to me, doesn’t define who I am as a person. I define myself and create my own identity. Most of the time, its not you anyway, its the other person and their insecurities about themselves.


4. “I have something to give to this world”
It’s hard to believe that you just a 17 year old teenager, could have any contribution to this world that could help make a difference. But its wrong, we all make a difference in this world.


5. “Looks aren’t that important”
When your young and your born into a society thats so fixated on looks and who’s hot or not. It’s hard to not be like that too. But the truth is looks aren’t even that important, Personality at the end of the day wins most of the time. The heart too and what kind of person you are. xx



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