Being a kid taught me many things.

1. Being a kid is freaking awesome! I want to stay a kid
Being a kid wasn’t as stressful as growing up and having to do adult things.
There was more time to be free and have fun.
To get away with stuff.
To smell the flowers and play on the playground.
To eat unhealthy food and not gain weight.


2.Friends were easy to make.
I remember when i was a kid, I saw this girl sitting all alone, So i went up to her and straight away I asked her to be my friend. We were friends for awhile after that. Making friends was easier when I was young, there were no complications and embarrassments, we were confident and unclueless. (Most of the time)


3. Kids will be mean to you, But that doesn’t mean its your fault.
I was bullied in grade 6 and it slowly took all my confidence and happiness away. I thought it was my fault and I was weird. But growing up I realised kids are just mean sometimes and don’t care.
Everything happens for a reason though, I couldn’t stand up for myself when I was young. Now I’m more aware that in this world not everyone is going to like me and be nice.

4. Most people won’t understand you
Being a kid, you try and explain things to people and not everyone gets it or understands what your saying.
But its okay, its alright to not be understood in everyones eyes. What matters most is the people close to you. but even then they sometimes don’t fully understand, but thats life.

5. You get stronger every year
When your younger, you are more sensitive and soft but growing up people will be harsh or nice to you. The harsh words help you get thicker skin than you had. Creating a stronger you, ready for society.


6. Weird is good
Everyones trying to be the same when your young, heck even when you get older it still goes on. But being unique and different is actually the new cool. Those kids that did different things, were the ones everyone looked at and admired.


7. Boys aren’t actually that scary
Growing up I was scared of any hot boys my age, I got extremely nervous and vulnerable around them and did weird shit.
Going through that weird girly phase, made me realise, I wasn’t scared of them. but rather scared of myself not being compatible. I was insecure about who I was and had no self love for myself.


Being a kid was awesome, I can’t believe I wanted to grow up so fast…


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